Inter-Generational Youth Ministry: 

Why a Balanced View of Connecting the Generations is Essential for the Church

By Mel Walker





“This is the direction we need to be going! Mel Walker’s Inter-Generational Youth Ministry helps us to see the biblical, theological and cultural necessity for connecting generations in our atomized society. But more than that, and here is where Mel has served us well, we are not called to throw out youth and children’s ministry, or to lay a heavy burden on ordinary families, but rather we come together – families, youth and children’s ministry and the local body of Christ to encourage and welcome young people into the kingdom of God.”


Chap Clark, professor & assistant provost

Fuller Theological Seminary

“Youth workers are by nature ‘doers.’ But in our passion to ‘do’ we sometimes forget about our need to engage in the long process of thinking, theorizing, and processing in order to build the strong biblical foundation that must inform our doing. Mel Walker not only challenges us to pause and think deeply before ‘doing,’ but he asks  necessary questions, offers helpful insights that will strengthen our ministries, and gives great practical advice. This is a timely book that deserves our attention.”


Walt Mueller, president

Center for Parent/Youth Understanding




“I would love for the sharp younger youth ministry leaders I know to have the opportunity to have a vigorous discussion with Mel Walker.  He has extensive youth ministry experience, a passion for Jesus, and sharp mind with contours that are shaped by Biblical truth.  So when he dives into the literature and applies himself to improving how local churches practice youth ministry his counsel drips with wisdom.  I picture him smiling wide, inviting pushback, and provoking better thought and practice.  Fortunately for my youth ministry friends, this book reads like just such a conversation.  It’s a rich contribution that I pray will help us all become more faithful and effective for the Lord Jesus and kids everywhere.”


Dave Rahn, senior VP, chief ministry officer

Youth For Christ


“What a balanced approach to inter-generational youth ministries. It is documented, practical and broad in its scope. It’s a great resource for youth workers and church leaders”



Ed Lewis, executive director

CE National





“This is a book that is written for such a time as this.  The challenges the church is facing in reaching the next generation is crucial.   The model of isolating the generations from one another contradicts clear biblical directives.   Mel Walker is a biblical thinker, expert in youth culture, veteran leader in discipleship based youth ministry and an outstanding student of social trends.   Most of all, as a friend, co-laborer and fellow church member I can assure you he models what he writes in this insightful work.”

Jim Jeffery, president 

Baptist Bible College & Seminary






“Mel Walker presents a new approach to solving the problem of kids leaving the church when they graduate high school. After walking through the history of youth ministry, Mel arrives in the present. The value of the book is that he presents real, practical, and Biblical ways to bridge the chasm between the youth ministry and the rest of the church. He shares thoughtful solutions that range from building relationships with adults and parents, to introducing program changes. This will be a valuable resource as we think through how to keep kids involved in church long after their youth ministry years end.”


Tim Ahlgrim, national director

Vision For Youth



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